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Smartphone App

The Plate mate. Counting carbs and calories with one swipe

Plate mate on your smart phone (also available for tablet)

  platemate smartphone


The Plate mate® can be downloaded on app store van iTunes,  Google Android store.



The Carbcounter

This smartphone app shows you the way through the Sweetbee food database. You will get a perfect overview of the meaning of 1 carbohydrate unit of hundreds of products . Neatly presented visually and fast. This way you have the carbohydrate guide in your pocket or purse at all time.


Apple Store

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NUTRISHIELD - “Fact-based personalised nutrition for the young” is a recently funded EU project within an international...


Sometimes you're advized to have a snack of one carb unit. Most of the time this is quit a calculation to find the exact...

Free Apps

The Sweetbee apps are created to make your live easy. Giving you quick insights on your diabetes. The apps can be downloaded through the ’App Store of ITunes,  and the Google android store


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